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ZuluTrade: The concept of a Social Trading Platform

Forex and Binary Options trading made easy – this concept used by ZuluTrade, one of the leading social trading platforms on the network.

Founded in 2007 by the Greek Entrepreneur and Online Investor Leon Yohai, ZuluTrade is now used by about 100,000 "talented currency traders" in 192 countries.

The aim is to use the knowledge or the advice of experienced traders for a "Executable Trade". Following the strategy of ZuluTrade using the experts, benefits investors and of course the platform alike – in short, everyone!

ZuluTrade works on a copy trading principle, i.e. there are signal transmitters and their followers.

How does ZuluTrade works?

ZuluTrade is a portal for trading Forex and Binary Options, a known fast, complex and risky business. With ZuluTrade at least the first-mentioned aspects for beginners should mean greatly reduced risk.

An ideal start to offer the option of a ZuluTrade Demo Account (30 days duration) on which standardizes 10,000 Euros (virtual) is given to the account.

If desired, the user interacts with "simple" or "advanced" settings. The platform offers the  additional feature of experienced traders, z. B. an individual leverage indication (lever) or lot size. Similar to alternative social trading platforms, the user selects his "expert" on its own and draws them into its portfolio.The rest is more or less automatic – that is, the movement of the signal generator is tracked on their own account.

For entry with real sums a broker is required in addition to the ZuluTrade Live account – either the ZuluTrade own AAAFx (Triple A Experts) or one of the other partners. Who wants to use an existing brokerage account must be authorized with ZuluTrade.

In the live account version, they are in principle the same applications as in the demo surface – including your own forex trades.


Social Trading Platform

Minimum Deposit

Forex 300 $   Binary Options 100 $


Forex and Binary Options


Included in the Spread

Demo account

30 days duration


According to which criteria the signal transmitters are selected?

The signal transmitter is an expert trader to follow on ZuluTrade and the follower is the client that opened the account.

How good or bad is to beat the self-proclaimed trader, they can be seen in the ranking. This includes and sorts the signal generator according to a certain algorithm, the drawdown and other parameters are shown on the account and the Sharpe ratio.

In addition, the development can make use of an auto switch to reproduce it based on visual symbols, such as  a rating of min. 4 stars by the followers or the use of MT4 Expert Advisor.

The performance table shows the followers of the most important details of each signal generator – of the total number of pips that he has earned so far, the average trading time or the amount of pursuers.

Overall, there are a wide range of statistics to sift through. It is recommended in general to look at the strategy of the signal transmitter. There can be a plan of the signal transmitter. The transaction history and the max are always interesting. Draw down show, how much risk is in the foreign exchange market.

Which partners cooperating ZuluTrade?

The list of Forex, CFD and Binary Options brokers that can be injected into the ZuluTrade system is long – including the house broker AAAFx. ZuluTrade is also a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) registered.

Costs and fees?

For the followers(new customers), the registration and use of ZuluTrade is free of charge – provided that it is apart from the (extended) Spread. Signal generators receive a uniform 0.50 pips per Lot for each closed, executed in a follower Live account trading. A Lot corresponds to a trading volume of 100,000 units of base currency.


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