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ZuluTrade : AAAFX sister company broker great offers this month!!

Zulutrade, the greatest social trading platform and facilitates trading, social trading that gives you as a trader lots to do and different types of options whether you want to trade by yourself (manually using the platform ) or you want to follow professional traders (called social trading), who will operate for you instead.

Also Zulutrade offers a high standard of support to you as professional account managers, who speak different languages and will assist you from the beginning of your experience and how to operate; you will never be alone as they will stay with you all the way.

Best broker for Zulutrade traders

The ideal option with Zulutrade is to use the broker AAAFX, the sister company broker and is integrated with Zulutrade; AAAFX is an ECN broker and regulated, an investment firm in Europe (id 2/540/17.2.2010), which has the lowest spreads, for example EUR/USD starting at 0.2 pips, USD/JPY 0.3 pips and AUD/USD 0.2 pips.

Open an account with ZuluTrade this December and get a bonus up to 30%

AAAFX has the lowest slippage and no commissions are paid to Zulutrade and does not know the meaning of slippage, this means the delay in time that a trade signal is sent; the networks can be delayed, this could cost money and can make a winning trade lose time. This is very important in trading especially in binary options, so choosing AAAFX it is very good and has the lowest slippage. Also AAAFX can offer to open accounts in different currencies such as USD, Euros, Japanese Yen, Pound, AUD, Swiss Franc and Bulgarian Lev.

AAAFX is a Forex and Binary broker

AAAFX offers Binary Options and Forex, commodities (for example Gold, Silver and oil) and CFDs.

This month, in December take the advantage of the bonus up to 30% for both Forex and Binary Options on all deposits by opening an account with both Zulutrade and AAAFX.


Incentive Bonus

Round Turn Requirements

$ 500

$ 100

10 lots

$ 1,000

$ 200

17 lots

$ 2,500

$ 500

40 lots

$ 3,000

$ 900

44 lots

$ 5,000

$ 1,500

87 lots

$ 9,000

$  2,700

174 lots

$ 25,000

$  3,000

225 lots

From the table above you can see that Bonus changes depending on the deposit you would invest and how many lots you need to reach in order to claim it.

So say for example you deposit more than $3,000 the Bonus would be 30%, but if you deposit more than $500 it would be a 20% bonus and for deposits of less than $500 it is 10%. For more information on terms and condition you can contact Zulutrade directly for more information.

Open an account with ZuluTrade this December and get a bonus up to 30%

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