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ZuluTrade: A fantastic tool and a total solution for your trading, easy and simple

In this article we will cover the following points of ZuluTrade:

  • What is ZuluTrade?

  • The history

  • The present

  • The platform

  • The service

  • How it works

ZuluTrade is a financial services company and operating in the Forex market. It is the owner of an online retail foreign exchange platform which delivers social trading.

The history and the present

ZuluTrade was started in 2007 and invented by Leon Yohai, because there wasn’t a web-based platform that could analyse traders anywhere in the world that simultaneously allow traders to share their information with individuals who wanted to know their strategies.

ZuluTrade comes from an intension that would make forex trading approachable and simple to anyone. This intension maps to an exclusive online and mobile social auto – trading platform with a worldwide influence of more than half a million customers.

The company at present hires between 51-200 employees with offices in the United States, Greece and Hong Kong.

Visit the Zulutrade website

The social trading Platform

The ZuluTrade Platform linked the space between precious data in money markets and trade implementation by changing the recommendation of several experts and capable traders worldwide, to a service which can quickly effect trades. The Platform is easy to use and has global accessibility.

The trading service

ZuluTrade is a no cost peer2peer on-line trading system. ZuluTrade obtains return per trade, per contract from the Forex brokers connected to its peer-to-peer system and divides the return with the signal providers that have originated the trades which performed effectively on one or more followers' trading account.

ZuluTrade service permits traders to watch the trades of professional traders.

How it works

The trades of professional traders on the ZuluTrade platform can be copied in the traders’ brokers’ accounts or adapted to their prospects. Therefore customers of ZuluTrade can fully manage their accounts within the customizable account management suite, it’s secure as they are also provided with innovative risk management protection such as ZuluGuard.

With ZuluTrade it’s very simple to open an account, follow signal providers and make your own trades, therefore it has achieved a great reputation

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