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What are the benefits of regulating binary options brokers?

The benefits of a regulation of binary options brokers are clear and evident, especially with regard to traders who use this financial instrument.

The regulation, which will be completed in about one year, will force all binary options brokers to comply with the principles of MiFID, the directive from the European Parliament that regulates the activities of the European financial markets.

Brokers who obtain a regular license must meet a set of standards that ensure the transparency of transactions and protect investors. The legislation establishes a fund called ICF (Investors’ Compensation Fund) that is intended to ensure the repayment of investors: In fact, the broker will have to contribute a share. Monies deposited there will remain locked and can be used only for whatever refunds must be provided to investors.

In addition to the benefits relating to guarantees for investors, MiFid will allow them to choose their binary options broker more consciously, discarding those that do not have a regular license.

Obviously, regulation is an important step toward making this new market effective and safe. The time frame for receiving a new license may extend to one year or more; in the meantime, anyone interested in working with a binary options broker can do so by selecting one of the most esteemed and widely recognized from those we have reviewed and compared, whose clients have never found irregularities nor encountered other than everyday problems.

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