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Trading Features for your Binary Option Strategy

Today we want to give you an overview of the most common features offered by different binary option brokers. It’s really important that you consider any of these features before to choose which broker you will invest with.


The Rollover is one of the best anrolloverd useful feature you can use trading in the binary option market. The rollover allow us to postpone the expiry time of our option. If, for example, our position is currently losing we can choose to change our expiry time. Most of the brokers apply a small fee in order to use the rollover option.


double upDouble UP

The Double Up gives us the possibility to double our profit if our position is going on the right side. With this feature we can double our investment and our profit! Be sure to click on the double up at least 10 minutes before the expiry of the option.



The sell feature works really well together with our Risk Management. Not all the platforms offer the possibility to close our option before the expiry time. Using this feature we can recover our losses, we will click on sell just if we are 100% sure our option will end as lost. Selling the trade we will receive back part of the invested amount. As we already discussed in other articles we always need to be able to control our own risk!

conf2Confirm the trade

It’s not common to find a broker that gives the possibility to confirm the order before to place a trade! We suggest to contact the broker customer service before to invest your real money! Usually this feature allows us few seconds (3) in order to control that our order has been placed correctly. If, for example, you placed a trade on the wrong pair you can cancel the trade and reopen the correct one, without risking your own money!

shortShort-term expiry

If you are a scalper trader you absolutely need to check the expiration times available on the platform you are going to choose. Almost all the brokers available on the market offer the possibility to trade with 60 seconds options, some brokers just introduced the new concept of 30 seconds options, but not all of them offer the 2 and 5 minutes options. Always make sure that you can use your best strategy at receive the best profit!


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