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The secrets to always gain in trading

All traders want to always gain in trading, but this remains only a dream, a chimera. Always gaining is statistically impossible, trading is based on statistics, not on other factors such as clairvoyance, that many aspiring traders believe that they can use to predict the market.
The losses in trading are simply part of the game, and since it is impossible to avoid them, there is nothing left to do but to learn how to manage them well.


One of the worst situations that may occur in the course of the investment is a more or less long series of consecutive losses. When this happens, and it can happen, often the trader (the inexperienced one) tends to lose his self-esteem , to understimate himself, to believe that his trading system is no longer valid.
What we have to do in these cases? First of all, you must eliminate the emotions that will be reason of other losses. Then, the best solution is to take a few days off from markets, you don't have to follow it, nor feel remotely talk about it, dedicate yourself to other.

After this breath of fresh air, return to your seat and test the trading system that you used so far in a demo account. This removes the emotion and, therefore, the fear of losing real money, you can rationally assess whether your trading system was wrong or simply what made you lose your head was only one set of all natural consecutive losses.


The market is unpredictable. In the long term we may be able to define a real trend, in smaller time frame things get very complicated. In this case we do not invest more to win in the single open position, but to win statistically. For example: in 100 investments, you won't bet to win 100, it would be impossible, and it would not be useful, you can just win only 60 to bring home a profit. Obviously this is true if you do a careful money management that involves cutting of losses and the continuation of profits, or our 60 winning trades will not help us much.

This situation, described above, is accessible to all, just follow a trading system that statistically contains more winning trades than losers. Just don't panic, don't think about money as if it were of vital importance, we must think exclusively to the statistic, only in this way you can be successful in trading.

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