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The Magic of Compound Interest: How to become Rich?

Many times people are convinced that their social and economic condition is irreversible, therefore, they print their economic behavior in projecting a future in which their economic condition does not depend on them, but by external factors incalculable and uncontrollable.

This attitude is shared by most people reluctant to risk, those who prefer to have a steady paycheck and put their savings under the bed. If you arrived here it means that you do not belong to that category, or you are part but want to get rid of it.

The transition is slow but painless, just change the mindset and prepare risk both from a purely economic point of view and a human point of view, life in itself is a risk, we live in the present unaware of what will happen tomorrow and our decisions may create scenarios that we do not expect.


Money is a medium that allows us to exchange goods, money existed before barter, after the money could be another form of exchange, who knows. However, money is not an end but a medium, it should be clear, because often there's confusion between the end (buy goods that meet our needs) and a medium (money, barter, etc. ..). Money, therefore, should be seen as a medium, never as an end, never be a slave to money.


I = C x i x t

This you see above is the interest formula, the value is multiplied to obtain the capital to the rate of interest for the time (amount to be paid for each unit of money borrowed, eg 3% means 3 cents to give each euro).

From this simple mathematical formula is derived financial earnings of the capitalist, that is, the one who lends money.

But the magic that I'm going to show you is not about simple interest, but compound interest.
Imagine, you need 1 euro and you ask me a loan, I want you kindly pay at one condition: you give me twice every month for 1 year, agree?
At the end of the year I should give exactly 4096 euro … this is the power of compound interest, which is nothing else than the interest that is going to add to the capital, and that creates more interest.

If you're a smart guy you've translated this simple rule into something more practical: online trading.
If you start from 1 euro and you can double your capital every month (consider that binary options offer a percentage of income that goes from 70 to 85%, which can be reached in 60 seconds) you will have at the end 4096 euro, and if you started from 100 euro? You would have the overwhelming amount of 409,600 euro.
This is a distinct possibility, calculations at hand is feasible, you just have to make it concrete, what are you waiting for? Change your life, change it now!

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