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Technical Analysis EUR / USD: New Bullish Trend

Seems like interesting movements are taking place in the cross EUR / USD, at least for the moment:  investors fears against the Spanish debt are slowly disappearing or at least attenuating. The price of EUR / USD reacted, bouncing on the support placed in 1.28 area, going under 1.2940 area.

If the wave of optimism catches on is fairly rational to think of a bullish breakout until to 1.30 area. However, it remains to consider that before hypothesizing this kind of movement, the price must exceed safely the area 1.2950.


From a technical point of view we are in the presence of a bullish trend in its initial stage, in fact, both the RSI indicator and the Bollinger bands are located in a oversold area, therefore, the price is taking definitely a certain direction. An investment in this moment using a good money management and taking into account the levels of resistance would be extremely profitable.


To take advantage of this new trend you have to invest in binary options with a daily expiry, we proceed investing every day  2-5% of the capital until the price reaches the level of 1.30, in which case further testing are required to determine whether the price has the strength to exceed the maximum period.

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