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OptionTrade Binary Options

Today I want to present our new Binary Option Broker Partner. This is a high value partner to traders because offer different services and also support and free webinars in different languages.      

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To Trade, you just need a simple Moving Average

We tend to believe that trading is an activity for professionals and that we need particular knowledge to invest, that goes far beyond those described in the websites. Although for some types of trading this statement is true, there are types of investments for which you just learn one simple rule and apply it always, almost mechanically. Many are always ...

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RSI Trading Strategy on Binary Options

Today we are going to analyse how to maximise our profit applying our binary options strategy using Metatrader4 and RSI Indicator (you can download it for free HERE) How to setup our charts We'll use a 5 minutes chart for our Intraday Trading on EURUSD. First of all we need to add to our EURUSD chart the indicator we are going to ...

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The Trading Rules to Become an Expert Trader

Scalping is an activity of fast trading, based on opening positions of a few minutes duration and, in some cases, even a few seconds. The scalper tries to exploit the smallest price movements and earn small amounts every closed position, the small sums at the end of the day will be a considerable earning (a scalper opens and closes 100 TO 300 positions per day). As ...

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Wedge Patterns

The Wedge Patterns in appearance seem very similar to triangle patterns, but the characteristics of the wedge are deeply different. A wedge is drawn uniting a series of maximum and minimum as it's showed: The lines that delimit a wedge are pointing in the same direction, unlike those of the triangle which present different directions and sometime one of the ...

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