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Make a living out of trading

This section was created to respond as simply as possible to the question, can you make a living out of trading? Who approaches the world of trading, thinks he/she has found a way to get rich without having to work and to be able to generate money from anywhere in the world. By surfing the Internet, there are millions of ...

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Is Trading online Business Entrepreneurial?

Honestly I can't define the trading business enterprise. The term entrepreneurship I think is more just tie it to an activity aimed at the production of goods or the provision of a service that benefits society. By trading, this does not happen the goal is to create money by speculating on the movement of prices of financial instruments. However, anyone ...

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Discretionary Trading VS Algorithmic Trading

Discretionary Trading skills and limits In previous articles we discussed how the psychological factors affect predominantly in discretionary trading. We have shown the greatest risks in trading are related to the emotions that often do not allow us to work with discipline. Often algorithmic trading is the final evolution of a path inside trading. It starts with studies of technical ...

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5 minute trading strategy binary option

Here you can see how work our trading strategy on binary options with Bollinger bands and the We-Point indicator using M5 TimeFrame charts. The We-Point indicator help trader to understand what is the best momentum to enter on the direction and go to a gain.

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EURUSD – Strong Buy Trading Signal now?

Last week I bought an option for binary expiring May 30 at 1.3735 and currently are at a loss. However today I noticed a signal binary options upward on the graph H1 that could push prices up to everything tomorrow.  100% Bonus with Banc de Binary  The differences were evidenced by bullish minimum price tonight is not reflected on the ...

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