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Spread trading system: +50% in 5 months

Spread trading system: February 2016 performance

spread trading system strategyThe spread trading system strategy concludes the last week of February with + 9.46%, + 26.86% YTD and + 50.42% in 5 months for the dedicated mt4 account for the spread trading system strategy and our mt4 indicators.

During the week we worked mainly on spread trading signals on CAC indices and EuroStoxx50 on H4 charts that have allowed us to close the targets set in intraday.

Yesterday we ended in a draw because of the short Eurostoxx50 was slow and did not want to leave open positions for the weekend.

How to earn with the spread trading system strategy

Many people ask me how to make money with the spread trading strategy or if you can earn a lot of money with the spread trading in less time. There are no clear answers, but you should understand that this trading strategy has a continuous covering lens of trades to overcome the extreme volatility phases and eliminate the risk of stop-loss driven by the markets or by brokers.

The spread trading on average has enabled us to generate about 250 pips per month for 14 months and now we have also added the spread trading signals the indices we have seen a stabilization in yields.

So, how much you earn with the spread trading?

In our opinion a good risk / reward allows us to generate between 5 and 10% return per month accepting the same level of risk.

What is the spread trading?

For those unfamiliar with the spread trading then please read HERE.

Spread trading strategy: indicators mt4

Metatrader indicators for spread trading

To do that we use some indicators for metatrader that we made such as:

  • Spread Trend mt4 indicator
  • Spread Force mt4 indicator
  • We-Spread mt4 indicator
  • We-Point mt4 indicator

Indicators are free for customers of guidetrading.net or can be purchase. 

If you are interested in buying the indicators or the chat of trading signals, or want to know how to get them for free, then we invite you to write to  info@guidetrading.net.

Remember that you can do with any spread trading forex and cfd broker, click here to see the broker comparison table.

Expert advisor spread trading

The expert of spread trading advisor using our strategy are not yet active, we are working to make this possible and we try to create mechanical and objective trading rules that comply with the rules that we give real during manual trading.

We assess to be able to publish the first back test within a few weeks.

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