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Spread Trading performance: +1738 pips gained

We have reopened the Spread Trading Chat with forex signals to subscribers and we have done a great week of trading.

We have placed positions on EURAUD and EURCAD considering the spread between these two couples with both the Spread Force Indicator and with the We-alpha Point B giving us also good results for the binary options trading on 60 seconds charts.

Month 2015

















summer holiday time 🙂





TOTAL 2015


The spread trading chat is available by subscription at a price of 50 Euros per month, or it is free for those who have an account with one of the broker partners of GuideTrading.net (read broker reviews here) and a balance of at least 2,000 euro. For more information write to info@guidetrading.net

How does the spread trading chat and trading signals?

The chat of trading signals is made to give a real-time support to the traders to know which currency pair could generate a strong intraday trend (today for example the trade lasted about 43 minutes).

The chat allows you to confront me while pointing you to the graphics that I'm studying and price levels for input / output I'm studying.

For example today I reported the study on chart EURAUD vs EURCAD.

spread trading guadagno 50 pips

Of course, each trader will be able to choose independently whether to trade and what money management to apply to the trading account. So the trader remains 100% independent in order to always have full control of their account.

As you gain with the spread trading?

Spread trading on forex is and intraday trading strategy to work manually and in real time. We have realized 2 indicators:

  • Spread Force indicator to see what is the strong pairs of the moment and
  • We-Point indicator to see what is the strong trend of the moment

Next week I will do a video with more informations.

How to start spread trading strategies?

You can decide 3 different ways to start spread trading:

  1. you can buy the monthly access on chat to receive intraday signals
  2. you can open a real account on a partner forex broker and deposit at least 2000 eur
  3. you can buy the indicators and start to trade by yourself

Are you ready?

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