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Special Welcome Bonus OptionWEB

Who is OptionWEB?

OptionWEB is the first Binary Options’ platform to be authorized by European legislation and put its professionalism and transparency at disposal of its traders. OptionWeb’s trades are not only protected by the European Union’s laws but also by the UK law, with the authorization of the FCA (Bank of England), this is rare for a Binary Options Broker. 250x250_OW_ACP

Who are your clients?

We have different types of clients: Clients who make a living from online trading and that made Binary Options their day job. Aspirants traders who are looking for a platform that could be safe and secure for their investments and that would allow them to learn binary options trading with innovative tools.

Why choose OptionWeb?

Today security of the traders deposits is important and many are the brokers who do not have a license. The need for a safe, legal and regulated by national authorities’ platform is a real need. The license doesn’t affect OptionWeb’s high yields, at the contrary; with OptionWeb traders have the guarantee to fair trades, high profits and safe withdrawals. We are proud to be the only broker to win on the clients trading volume/turnover and not on their losses like it can be done in other places, for this reason, our traders success is our success. This is also the reason why OptionWeb is today the only regulated broker to offer monthly interest rates on its traders trading volume, between 4.5% and 6.2% of monthly return on all the trades performed by our traders.

What services do you offer?

OptionWeb offers its trader all the levels of security required in order to practice online trading with success and peacefulness, OptionWEB’s license implies that the company has to have a segregated account for its traders deposits and gains, this way, the clients funds are legally protected by the laws of the EU, and protected by an up to 20.000€ insurance. A complete training with expert traders will allow each trader to learn always more strategies and understand the financial markets in general and more particularly the Binary Options. OptionWeb’s support is always present to help the traders in every step of their investment, always giving complete freedom to its traders with an helping hand.


Account Types? There are different account types on OptionWeb, from the first level, the STARTER account, to which you you can access starting from a 200€ deposit, to the Premium account that gives access to OptionWeb’s VIP platform with higher yields. These account types offer many possibilities and advantages (Training, Interest Rate on trading volume/Turnover, daily trading signals, etc.).


5 Trades Insurance

  GuideTrading.ent  is one of our best partners, this is the reason why OptionWeb allows traders to try the strategies suggested by GuideTrading.net on our platform with insurance on the first 5 trades! If a trader wants to try out a strategy, he can make a deposit on OptionWeb with the insurance that in case of loss on one or more of the first 5 trades, he will be refunded up to a maximum of 5 trades*. *The refunding is made on a maximum of 5 trades with a maximal investment on each trade equal to 10% of the value of the deposit, in bonus. Offer example: Deposit of 250€ and acquisition of the TrendGT indicator offered by GuideTrading.net Investments

  1. 25 euro won
  2. 25 euro lost
  3. 50 euro won
  4. 25 euro lost
  5. 50 euro won

Investments 2) and 4) are lost and will be refunded in bonus to a total of 25€ + 25€ (max 10% of the deposit equal to 250*10%= 25€) = 50 euro

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