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How to Create your Profit with Binary Options Strategies

Binary options are sweeping the world, many people find them very easy and useful to invest in the financial markets because they allow you to:

  • Start trading even if you do not know the financial markets
  • Start investing with only 50 EUROS!
  • Earn up to 85% in just 60 seconds!
  • Optimize your investment time profiting in just few minutes or hours a day


To profit with binary options you must know some important aspects about  Money Management in order to be successful in the long run. With these words, I want to emphasize the need for rules to be always respected, even when there are difficult times.


All kind of binary options signals that you follow can never be 100% successful, but as a rule the good signs have an index of goodness of 70% -80%

How to earn with binary options

One of the most important tricks to earn with binary options is to block any losses to 15% and not 100% as usually happens. Follow this reasoning.

Normally, if you invest € 100 in a single binary option you can earn 75% if you risk all the capital (some brokers as TradersLeader, grant a refund of 10%), but if you combine 2 options, 1 CALL options and 1 PUT, they can create a position of "snap" so you win 150% or you lose only 15%!

With the strategy to "snap" you can then invest 200 to win 150 Net (proceeds of 75 +75) or you will have 1 option in the win (+75) and a loss (-100 + 10 € for refund) with a loss total of only 75-100 +10 = -15 €

How to realize the strategy to "snap"?

To bring the strategy interlocking you need to make 2 purchases of opposite sign at different times so that there is always a positive gap.


Using the MACD we sense that the trend for the next hour might be bullish and then buy higher. After a few minutes our position is gaining even if the deadline is still far away. To this point, if we find that the price has gained at least 10-20 pips or if the price is in superior strength, we can buy a PUT, then a speculation downward with the same expiration.

At maturity we can have two cases:

  1. The price remains between the purchase and the purchase CALL PUT and then gain in both binary options
  2. The price goes up or down over the CALL / PUT option and then goes into a gain and the other loses (for a total lost -15%)

Repeating this "game" several times during a day just one double win to recover up to 10 consecutive losses of -15% … so you just reach a success rate of 30% to be widely gain!!


7 closed positions at a loss = -15 * 7 = -105 €
3 closed positions in gain = 150 * 3 = 450 + €!
+345 EUR Net!
Imagine with a success rate of 40%, 50% or 70%

When is the most effective strategy is to "snap" for binary options?

The phases of laterality near major supports or resistances are best for this type of strategy. For example, after a strong trend or in the evening hours.

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