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How To Take Advantage of Intraday Movements

The staff of guidetrading is always looking for new strategies that allow you to exploit as better as you can in the binary options market. Thanks to their experience and competence, we can suggest you a lot of strategies really functioning that you can exploit in your trading activity.

The market is moving along a well-defined trend, but this only happens if you look at graphs that show the evolution of the price of medium-long term. In these cases, the market is very predictable, but unfortunately invest for the medium to long term requires much larger capitals than those that can be used in short-term investments.


Obviously not everyone has high capitals and not all are unwilling to invest it, for the first one is obvious that the long-term trading is not convenient, for the latter, "that's the problem."

As we have stated in previous articles, there are many trading strategies that you can use to profit from binary options, the best strategies are the fast ones, the ones that take advantage of short-term movements. But how do you figure out where the price is heading? Let's see it together.

The image you are observing describes the golden price using a 5 minutes time frame ( each sessions lasts 5 minutes ). We have a bearish intraday directional trend, that means that we are advantaged because market seems decided to follow its direction. The price, at some point, is trapped in a sideways, which defines the withdrawal of the profits of traders who had previously invested.
We know that a step of this kind, according to the technical analysis, represents a signal of continuation.

As you can see we also used a 20-period exponential moving average that is served to better define the input signal to the market.


You enter into a market when prices pierce the formation, the moving average must also pierces the trend line support. At this point, we have to invest in binary options with a deadline of five minutes. The strategy to be followed is very simple and not very risky, however, the percentage of capital that you should invest not exceed 10% of the total capital investment.

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