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How to improve your Profits with Binary Options

I just finished reading an interesting book on ” how to improve their business results and be successful in life,” and I was very pleased and impressed by some simple tips. I have revised and adapted everything to my work as a consultant for online trading and I decided to share with you some of these tips in order to improve the results of your trading experience.

1 – Study of historical trading signals on the online market

Every weekend, I suggest you look at your historical or forex binary options, analyze the charts again with entry prices and signals with an arrow ( it is very easy using the metatrader ) and their deadlines. You will discover how easy it is to find your mistakes or your successes. This activity helps, week after week, to memorize and improve your temperament and concentration when they decide to enter the market.

  2 – Do not be in a hurry!

Every morning when I turn on my pc the first thing I do is looking at the charts, wait for the first sign and evaluate it. I am not running, I never try the first signal of the day in real but in demo. This is because often I realized that the rush to start the working day does not make me shiny . The markets are the tyrants and we have to defend ourselves!

3 – Over Trading

Set yourself a maximum daily loss and when you reach it come out with the strength to stop you. Personally if I invest 10 euro fixed at a time I always have a fixed gain of about 25 euro or a net loss of € 50 . Reached one of the two limits I stop. It is not easy to control this state of mind and being able to stop especially when sometimes gain 25 euro in just 30 minutes. I’m often tempted to continue for another 30-60 minutes, but then I assure you that the psychological stress of online trading takes over and you undo ! So my advice is to control your character and your trading behavior.

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