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How to get the best conditions from binary options brokers

Now we’ll give you some information that are not easy to find around, because for brokers it is more convenient to deal with inexperienced and uninformed trader than with an expert one. It allows you to get great benefits because you will understand what to ask and how to deal with a broker.

First of all, always remember this basic rule:

The account managers who will contact you on behalf of the broker are skilled and trained negotiators. They will offer you bonuses, promotions or higher rates, but do not get charmed, because all that glitters is not gold.

So, be smarter and reply them being well-informed. Once you registered yourself and created an account don’t be satisfied with bonus or offered profits, ask and dare for more.

It ‘s almost mathematical that you will be contacted and invited to an increased deposit, to try their platform, and do this or that.
Knowledge is power and strength, and now you are aware of this, therefore you know you can take more.

Of course, there is no need to exaggerate with your requests, because they’ll never grant you absurd requests, but also don’t forget that you are the customer they might lose if you are not satisfied, and as it happens for any business, brokers might close down.

Here’s what you need to consider:

You are new customers

The manager will try to please you in order to make you deposit. Maybe you had already decided to try out the platform even before his phone call, but he can’t know that. As soon as you register an account with a binary options broker, if you don’t deposit money soon, an account manager will contact you to make an offer.

After all it is normal, you are registered but haven’t deposited money yet, so you have not started yet. Why?
You are not satisfied with the platform? You have doubts on the operation of binary options? Something does not convince you? All legitimate questions that the broker would like to ask you.

Just because he wants you to become his client, the broker will contact you (of course using authorized personnel) by phone or using the e-mail sent during the registration.

Usually, the account manager who contacts you in order to convince you to make a deposit tempts you with a bonus on your first deposit or even in subsequent deposits. These tools are also used by gambling sites, poker and online casinos.
Obviously, this is a way to stimulate you to start with them.


  • You better accept them or not?

We can tell you that it depends on you and also on the conditions of the bonus, but let’s explain the issue:

If a broker gives you a bonus, he does so in order to make you use the platform for a long time, not because he likes you, therefore don’t think to get a bonus and withdraw it next day as if it’s normal.

Otherwise, you should understand that they are not wrong. Imagine what happens if after receiving a bonus, the trader withdraws it immediately without doing anything. How many people do you think would withdraw it? Obviously all of them, so the trader receives and he closes the account and the broker goes bankrupt.

Obviously brokers are neither stupid nor benefactors, and the reason for the bonus is, as mentioned above, to get you become a long-time customer .

  • But when you can withdraw the bonus?

Usually it is set an important condition: to reach a certain volume of transactions.
This means that as long as the trader hasn’t saved up the required volume of investments, the bonus can’t be withdrawn.

  • How much is this volume?

Usually 10-40 times the bonus received, depending on the broker. In Bonus Broker binary options section you can see the bonus offered and the volume required to unlock it.

Let’s take a concrete example assuming some conditions:
• Bonus of 50% on capital deposited.
• Reach a volume of transactions equal to 10 times the capital deposited.

Let’s see what happens if you deposit 500 euro
• You receive 250 euro bonus, in fact 50% of 500 euro
• You unlock it with a transaction volume of 2.500 euro

To calculate the volume of transactions need to multiply the bonus received (250) for the multiplier indicated, in this example of times (10), that is 250 × 10 = 2,500 euro. This doesn’t mean you need to reach this figure with only one investment, or that you have to do it in a single day, but this is simply the sum of all your investments.

  • Here’s how to pay attention with the bonus:

• A volume to be considered acceptable varies between 10 and 20, after 20 it becomes problematic, at least for beginners.
• The percentage of the bonus, eg 20%, 50%, 100% etc. etc..

Usually are offered bonus between 20 and 100%
The higher the percentage, the higher the bonus granted with the same amount deposited.

For example, you deposit 100 euro:
a bonus of 20% corresponds to 20 euro,
a bonus of 50% corresponds to 50 euro,
a bonus of 100% corresponds to 100 euro.


Find out if the bonuses have an expiration date. If they don’t have a deadline, it depends on you when to reach the level of the required investment, but if they have a deadline, then you should do it within the due date, otherwise exceeded that term it is no longer possible to do it.
Our advice is to ask all the conditions of the bonus. If possible, ask them an e-mail with all the terms and the conditions of use, read it with calm and evaluate their suitability based on your conditions and goals.
It is clear, for example, that if you plan to invest large sums of money, you can easily reach the required volumes, so it is definitely convenient to accept any bonus.

Bonus or higher profits?

The bonus is nothing more than a gift offered by the broker, a sum of money added to the initial deposit of the trader, but it is subject to conditions.

In fact, we recommend you pressing them and focus on increasing the percentage of profit rather than bonuses. For example, the economic return of the binary options normally oscillates between 70% and 90%, depending on the broker and asset selected.

Vip traders, or those skilled traders who are able to negotiate with the broker, get higher rates, 2-5% more than the standard percentage. This allows you to increase your ROI and profits.

All the better, if you manage to get both!

Although getting the bonus is a good thing, we suggest you to focus on increasing the rate of your economic return.

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