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how to get 100% payout on binary options

100% Payout with Grandoption

Usually on binary option trading you can gain from 60% to 83% and only sometime you can have payouts till 89% (gold account e.g.) 
But now on the Grandoption broker, after have introduced stop loss and take profit on binary options trading platform, there’s a new variation of the standard high low binary option that give a 100% payout.


Customers are able to open trades with a 100% payout (double their investment!), where the target price is slightly different from the market price (reflecting the trader’s estimation that the asset will not only move in a certain direction, but also over a certain distance).

The target price of a 100% Payout option is automatically calculated by the system based on various factors such as the option’s expiry time and the underlying asset’s volatility.

How work 100% payout binary option

In the following 2 examples you can see how the target price is slightly above the market price for “high” selection and slightly below the market price for “low” positions:





This is how two 100% Payout positions appear on the graph:



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