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Find out why people start trading

From a survey of a virtual bank, Saxo Bank, have emerged very interesting data that help us to think about why more and more people choose to invest their savings in online trading.

Many may think that people invest for the money, however, in a recent survey this aspect is overshadowed and, in some cases, it is not really considered.

38% of people who invest their money in trading do not do it for the money, but because the prestige to trade has become a status symbol. The profile of this 38% is to secure people who flaunt their wealth and who wish to acquire respect and admiration.

So, isn’t money to push most of the people trading, but the prestige that derives from it. So 30% of the trading people invest for the thrilling of victory connected to the risk. For them does not count the money, but the adrenaline, the emotion that comes naturally strong in trading. Losing money for them means in a certain way “spending” for buying this feeling. This 30% are boys aged between 20 and 25 years, are guys who go in search of thrills, who want to try and win, no matter how expensive it can be.

The rest of the people, 32% of traders invest according to a strategy, they do it to prove that they are right, to beat the market, to win because they are aware of their ability to exploit the rules of the game in their favor. This last piece is composed of small and large traders, who, despite having made a fortune in the market, continue to observe it, to scrutinize the changes and put it to the test.


The research shows that the majority of traders are involved not on a financial level but on an emotional one, the psychological component, therefore, plays a key role in the approach to investment. There is a common thread, however, for 100% of the traders and that is not to lose or at least not to think about losing, that motivates them to engage in behavior often irrational that aggravates their already poor preparation, inevitably pushing them to close their account in red.


Awareness makes us free, now that you know the reasons that draw the mass to invest in online trading you can improve YOUR approach to trading, you can consciously decide which side to take, and do so without the influence of irrational component that always reduces the investment of many to a simple and deleterious “scratch and win”.
Trading is not a gamble, trading is technical, tenacity, observation and rationality, to win you must stop hoping. To win you must know the market and know when is the right time to ride the wave.

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