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Technical Analysis

+2.56% in 1 week spread trading dax index and forex

This week has been low in the forex trading signals is that CFD DAX and CAC with the indicators for the spread trading but made us equally satisfied with a performance of 2.56%. Two excellent signs of spread trading were performed: GBPUSD GBPJPY vs. a net profit of +42 pips DAX vs CAC40 with a net profit of +20 points ...

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+492 pips September: spread trading intraday forex

Results spread trading in September 2015 There are still three days to the end of September but we are very excited by the excellent performance of spread trading strategy intraday forex recording +492 pips and +2075 pips YTD. Reliable trading signals Signals forex trading spreads were also improved thanks to the new version of the We-Point which is much more ...

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Make a living out of trading

This section was created to respond as simply as possible to the question, can you make a living out of trading? Who approaches the world of trading, thinks he/she has found a way to get rich without having to work and to be able to generate money from anywhere in the world. By surfing the Internet, there are millions of ...

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Is Trading online Business Entrepreneurial?

Honestly I can't define the trading business enterprise. The term entrepreneurship I think is more just tie it to an activity aimed at the production of goods or the provision of a service that benefits society. By trading, this does not happen the goal is to create money by speculating on the movement of prices of financial instruments. However, anyone ...

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Binary Option Signals Apple with RSI

By studying forex charts looking for reliable binary option signals I have considered buying Apple upside to 18:00 London Time. I see a good opportunity with a low risk. For this trade signal I use: Bollinger bands with price over median band on M5 Rsi crossed on MA on M15 RSI in long trend on H1 timeframe We-Point Indicator in Long Setup I've ...

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