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Bruce Kovner, a trader of $ 300 million a year

It’s always fascinating learning the story of the greater traders, especially if these people are still able to get performance-boggling. Many are very successful traders, one of these characters is called Bruce Kovner.

Even if he’s one of the greatest trader on the square, Bruce never wanted to get publicity, he prefers to remain anonymous and continue to manage its $ 650 million that guarantee a profit of $ 300 million.

Bruce Kovner never loved to be at the center of attention, but fortunately, thanks to an interview done by Jack Schwager sometime ago, we know something about the life of this millionaire.

Bruce Kovner has always had a particular passion for currencies and interest rates, began his career as a trader working for companies of raw materials. At the beginning Bruce ran $ 35.000 for these companies, obviously, as an employee, but in the meantime, he also invested his capital, then the raw materials companies permitted it.

He was very lucky when he met Michael Marcus, another trading legend who taught him the discipline’s basics. The biggest teaching received from Marcus was the one connected to the possibility to reach large sums through trading, obviously, provided to know the rules of the game and be steadfast, lucid, rational and never, for any reason, greedy. Another key teaching received from Marcus it was the one connected to losses, these are quite naturals in activities such as trading and serve to strengthen the analysis’s ability.


According to Bruce Kovner a trader doesn’t need particular intelligence or a big capital, the first characteristic of a trader is discipline. Only if a person has self-discipline can become a successful trader, otherwise he’s intended to desert the business after a short time. Bruce has trained 30 traders in his career,but only 5 are still operating on the market today, the rest failed to respect the only important requirement, other traders have lost their minds after the first earnings and abandoned self-discipline to follow the emotions offered by the market, for better or for worse.

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