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How to increase your profit in 60 seconds

To increase our possibilities and our profit in 60 seconds options we must take into consideration the following features:

Percentage of Earnings

  • Not all brokers are equal and not all offer the same rate of Return on investments. On average, the binary options brokers offer percentages on a range from 70% to 85%, in order to have the odds on your side you necessarily must choose the broker offering 85%.

Refund in case of loss

  • Not everyone knows, but some brokers offer a payback percentage of 15%, that, of course, can not be withdrawn, but must be invested again. This feature will not be considered as a consolation prize, but will give us the opportunity to make the profit/loss of 1/1: 85% earnings = 85% (100% – 15%) of losses.

Once transformed our profit / loss in 1/1, we can claim to have a 50% chance for it, but, of course, we do not care a draw, but we tend to win, let’s see how to increase our odds in favor.

How to use RSI Indicator

If you’re not new to the site, then you will know well the RSI indicator, if you’re new consider yourself lucky because you are going to know the winning weapon of professional traders.
The RSI is a momentum indicator that shows us the stages of overbought and oversold. The price, when it comes to these phases (80-70 overbought, oversold 20-30) tends to reverse, this happens especially in highly volatile markets such as Forex and, in particular, in the EUR/USD.

Operational Strategy

This strategy may change your way of trading and make you able to earn considerable sums in a short time. However, we recommend starting with the minimum capital strategy, to try and see if it works, once you realize that it’s actually the right strategy for you, then you can begin to invest more money.

Remember, however, that the strategy must be accompanied by a good money management, this means that you never have to invest more than 5% of your capital on a single trade.

Let’s  see concretely how to earn money in 60 seconds. First, we set up our chart of the EUR/USD with a time frame M1, each candle will thus have a duration of 1 minute. We set also the RSI indicator (5-3-3) and get ready to follow the signals.


  • Buy a binary option to 60 seconds of a put when the indicator area drops by 80-70. We continue to buy put options with a maturity of 60 seconds until the indicator does not reach the stage of oversold (20-30).


  • When the RSI goes just by this stage we buy a binary option type Call duration 60 seconds. We repeatedly buy Call options until the RSI indicator does not reach the area of overbought.

CAUTION: The strategy proved to work only in the most volatile currency pairs and only at times when there is more liquidity. We recommend that you use from 9 am until 19 pm GMT time, no later than as the market would be low volatility and minor trading opportunities. Remember: never risk more than 5% of your capital.

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