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Binary Options: five things you must know

Binary options are becoming one trading instrument widespread both as regards the ranks of traders “amateur” both as regards the ranks of the professional traders.

The convenience and simplicity of this financial instrument is affecting everyone, but beware, there are things you should know before investing:

1. Not all binary options are the same

Not all binary options are the same, in fact, there are certain types of binary options harder than others but make substantially more.

Binary options most commonly used by traders are classic, the high/ low. This category of options offers a return on investment of 85% and a probability of 50% in favor.

2. The options brokers offer a refund

Not everyone knows this but many binary options brokers offer a refund, in case of loss of 15%, the refund is obviously reused in trading, do so very careful to choose the right broker who offers this capability.

3. Binary options are not like those vanilla

The word option obviously recalls the classic vanilla options, but binary options turn out to be completely different and, in our opinion, much more useful to speculation than the traditional vanilla, not for nothing binary options have been defined the future of trading.

4. Risk-return relationship

Unlike other financial instruments with binary options you already know how much you earn and how much you lose. In fact, the rate of return on investment is clearly expressed even before you decide whether to invest or not.

5. Regulation 3 … 2 … 1 ..

Unfortunately, a proper regulation does not exist yet, but a new European law has recently started the process of regulating binary options broker will in a year with a regular license in the meantime you should entrust brokers best. Maybe at the time of reading this post, brokers have already obtained a license, what will happen when we will be the first to point out the regular ones.

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