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Binary Options and Forex trading

The evolution of Forex trading has taken place through the implementation of online trading platforms that allowed private investors to enter in the market.

vfx_200x150px_benefitsBinary Options Platform like TradersLeader are going through a time of particular importance that has attracted the interest of many experienced and beginners traders. Binary options and Forex trading are alternative methods to invest on the market but they can coexist under a common investment strategy. The currencies are equal but they are offered in a different way. The Forex trading allows a 24/7 access  to the market price or pending orders, while  binary options allow a 24/7 access just to market prices. In addition, at certain hours of the day, binary options brokers restrict access to certain trading currencies. With both methods it is possible to invest upward or downward, or combine positions in order to obtain appropriate strategies to your own risk.

The combination of Forex trading and binary options is useful when you want to place a position in the short term (with binary options ) or  with longer maturities ( Forex trading ). If, for example, we buy an option ABOVE on EUR/USD with daily expiry, we can prepare at the same time a pending order in our Forex trading platform in case of our misjudgment of the trend.

The Risk management is linked to different logistic. The Forex allows us to use the  stop-loss feature, the binary invest2options control is upstream on the total amount invested. The common use of Forex and binary option can also be useful in this case: buying an option under the limit of the price of load on Forex trading for raiment of any loss obtained with the use of stop-loss.

The Forex trading offers web-based platforms, but are often used as the software installed on PCs: Download here a free Metatrader 4 Platform. This platform has the advantage of being programmable and acquire external software (Forex expert advisor) that can help the trader in different types of functions. In contrast, the platform for binary options are accessible from any device but to date are not programmable.

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