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Beware of hoaxes : The Story of an inexperienced trader

A fundamental thing about binary options: Investing in binary options is a pure expression of simplicity, but this does not mean that it is equally easy to get outstanding results, or earn profits.

In other words, it is very easy to open an account with a binary options broker and invest, but the rest is not that easy.

All very easy: Simply choose a type of options, a market and then select an asset, decide the amount to be invested and then press on the top or bottom, or top underneath, or inside or outside, depending on the terms used by the broker.

This simplicity, however, does not always translate into earnings, but rather, if you do not pay much attention, we often "plays" entirely his own capital in a short time .
Making money needs a minimum of knowledge, experience and preparation.

Moreover, it takes time to be enchanted by prospects of high and quick profits, especially if someone proposes strategies invincible.

As we have always stressed, there is no foolproof genes binary options, software or programs that can make you rich, or Guru gentlemen who passes information. We wrote an article regarding this topic where we explain why we think the software binary options signals does not work.

Basically, the same can be said for all those guru or financial geniuses who dispense advice on the internet. Why should they reveal their secrets especially without asking for anything in return? We do not understand !
And if you were asked for money, who will ensure that not only are the scoundrels in search of gullible dupes ? Again, the true geniuses of finance there never reveal their secrets, their best strategies, either for a fee or under torture. Therefore, to exclude those who ask for money strategies, tricks, tips, signals, and so on, is to be avoided .

Regarding this, we want to tell the story of a fool who enticed by high and quick profits, lost all his money intended for binary options.
This is a comment left on a forum by a novice trader and that we, with no mention of the subject, we report in this post.

History of a fool : how to get hustled.

Looking for strategies to make money with binary options , the novice trader in our history, he stumbled on a video of Youtube , produced by such an expert of the trading assured that with his abilities he could earn even 200 thousand Euros in no time.

So, believing the magician of trading, he asked him how he had done to earn all that money .
The creator of the video that plays on Youtube, which we avoid to let you know, told him that before unveiling his secrets, the trader would have to create an account on behalf of a binary options using a code provided by himself.
And here a first alarm bell was ringing.

The trader pays the first time and loses everything, not happy, not convinced that this was not a magician pours again, for the second, third and fourth time, for a total of one thousand Euros . Eventually loses all thanks to the fabulous advice of the Guru.
At this point, the trader realizes that something is not working, then seeks guidance from the Guru, who so nonchalantly sends him to hell and becomes no longer detectable .

Make Trading Simple

Trust in Your Skills!

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