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Best Binary Broker BitCoin

The new electronic currency called Bitcoin, is one of the most attractive investment of the 2013/2014.

Bitcoin constitute one of the first electronic virtual coins that doesn’t use a national central bank that issues and ensures the validity of the coin. In recent years, were born different electronic currencies, but we saw the greater success with Bitcoin, which have seen grow up exponentially his value bringing huge profit to those who possessed it. Today many businesses,virtual or not, accept BitCoin as a payment method showing a high degree of social acceptance for this new currency. Surely the market exchange of Bitcoin is characterized by very high volatility of trend with short highly variable, but still analyzing it in a medium to long term , the trend has followed a positive trend coming up to a value of about 1200 USD compared to 10-15 usd initial from 2 years ago.

Almost all binary option broker allow you to make trades with BitCoin, applying different conditions. In the following table we have compared the conditions adopted by the best binary options brokers that offer the BitCoin Dollar (abbreviated BTC / USD ).

Binary Broker

Payout BitCoin

Expire Time BitCoin



17:10 + EOM

Banc de Swiss


18:10 + EOM

Banc de Binary


17:10 + EOM



17:10 + EOM



End of the Month

Binary Touch BitCoin





As you can see from the table above all the binary option brokers offer an equivalent payout with Bitcoin except for AnyOption that gives us a much higher payout.

Quotes BitCoin in real-time:

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