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Market Analysis 16/10/2012: discover how to take advantage of macroeconomic data

The market reacts to the relevant macroeconomic news, because of this characteristic a good trader knows that investing just before the spreading of an important fact is extremely dangerous. The price in fact, undergoes changes sometimes unexpected at the exit of important data, this feature of the market is described very well in one of the fundamental premises of the ...

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Binary Options: Investing or Gambling?

In the eyes of an inexperienced neophyte, especially at first glance, trading in binary options might look like a gambling, rather than a form of investment itself. But we are far from being able to define it a game, because they are financial instruments and not entertainment forms, and because while in the gambling luck is the prevailing element, in ...

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Call and put buying strategy to make money with binary options

Today we propose a simple strategy to maximize profits linked to buying binary options. The strategy is easy to apply and is to purchase first a call and then a put, or vice versa. The strategy is defined Straddle, and even if normally is used for traditional options, it can also be used with good results for binary options. First ...

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Broker with a demo account for investment in binary options

You have our full support if after reading articles, books, pages and pages of topics on financial markets, options, forex and so on, yet you don’t feel ready to start with real money, and then to risk your capital. Before investing real money it would be interesting start with a demo account, the so-called demo account for Trading with Binary ...

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Return of a binary option

Profit Binary options, also known as digital options, are potentially very profitable investment, although it must be admitted that the lack of attention by the trader or the use of a poor strategy can lead to results not really exciting. However, traders who are able to invest wisely and cunning, can take advantage of the high interest and profits that ...

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