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Asylum/ Civil War in Europe by Amanita.at

This is an extract from Free Amanita Newsletter © Copyright 2015 Manfred Zimmel http:// www. amanita . at

War predictions are a key meta forecast, more important than normal economic & political forecasts, because wars lead to a system change & re-define the rules of a system. The accuracy of the Amanita war forecasts is light years better than of competitors, nothing comparable is available elsewhere. E.g. it was predicted long in advance that around 8/8/2008 (especially the days before) one should expect the biggest geopolitical escalation +/- years. As a matter of fact the Russo-Georgian War that began on 8/7/2008 fulfilled this call more or less to the day… Years in advance it was stated that from August 2013 on (beginning of end times) martial activity should rise & culminate in the global war maximum in the early 2020s. Unfortunately, this call has been spot on: in early 2014 the Ukraine war marked the worst geopolitical escalation since the Cold War. In 2015 the geopolitical tensions continue to mount further. It appears that on 8/12/15 China was attacked with a nuclear bomb (by NATO?), which obviously marks the breakout of WW3 (Link). This *could* be the 2nd nuclear explosion in 2015, after the first in Yemen. The Tianjin explosion looks like China’s 9/11 & thus is the major parallel between the 2 passport expiration dates 9/11/01 (Neo in the Matrix) & 8/24/15 (Lucy).


Already many years ago I warned that the NWO plans to flood Europe with invaders masked as ‘asylum seekers’, in order to create chaos. invasion of enemy combatants. There is a reason why the motto of the 33rd of Freemasonry is ‘ordo ab chaos’: (a new) order out of chaos. Eventually martial law has to be declared, so that the last civil rights can be abolished. At the beginning of the millennium hardly anybody would believe in this forecast, but in the past few quarters this call has fully come to pass. Since 2014 a stunning 90-99% of them are young men… In the past 5,000 years the influx of a huge number of young men has always meant the same: This agenda could only be pushed through because of the insanity of socialist/ green/ ‘liberal’ policies.

In his book The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness the US psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter explained how neurotic & mentally ill the ‘liberal’ ideology is. He was a court-appointed expert in more than 2,700 trials, so he is an expert at spotting mentally ill people. ‘Tolerance’ is the WMD to slaughter everything else in the socialistic bloc: freedom, safety, justice, wealth, criticism, borders, creativity… The illegal smugglers are organized & partly paid from the US & the asylum industry is of course in the hands of the Rothschilds (Link). By the way, Rothschild bought Charlie Hebdo a few weeks before the major attacks in early 2015, and you can bet immediately after the attacks the brand & company value went up 10-100fold… What a ‘lucky punch’… Since 2014 Europe has been conquered mostly by men from Syria, at least officially.

Few (5- 10%?) are really from Syria, the rest (90-95%?) has either fake IDs saying they are Syrian or they throw away their documents & claim to be Syrian, to maximize their odds of staying in Europe.


The third option is to buy a legal (!) Syrian passport for EUR 1200 from IS (Islamic States), as IS officially rules over some parts of Syria. Soon 2-3 times more ‘Syrians’ will live in Europe than ever lived in Syria… This is not the first time Europe experiences such a hoax with the claimed death toll of an ethnic group being higher than the original size of this ethnic group…

But how is it possible that the (1) huge Europe is invaded by (2) tiny Syria through a Trojan horse called ‘asylum’ & why (3) since 2014? And (4) why Syria isn’t seeing the same regime change as the other Arab countries?

All 4 answers can be found in the end times prophecies of the Holy Bible: 1. EU: The EU is the Roman Empire reloaded (Treaty of Rome 1957) & therefore the 666 Beast (Anti-Christ).

That’s why for years Europe has been the global focus & why the EU will be the global leader in the 42 months of the reign of the 666 Beast from 2019 on 2. Syria: The NWO plan is to hold Syria must be held in suspense between the power blocks. Actually NATO even created an unofficial NATO sub army: IS (IS).

Theologists like Dr. Roger Liebi from Switzerland have predicted for many years that the end times battle (Armageddon) will start from Syria with its allies (like ISIS), because Syria is the Biblical Magog with its leader Gog.

The final battle will be close to the town of Afula (in der Jezreel Valley = Harmagedon), resulting in the destruction of Israel. The ongoing covert attacks by Syria against Europe are the preparation for the end times battle ideally due in 2017/18 (unlikely in the 2020s or 2030s). 3. timing: The Syrian invasion in Europe began within months after the beginning of the end times in August 2013.

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