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5 minute trading strategy binary option

Here you can see how work our trading strategy on binary options with Bollinger bands and the We-Point indicator using M5 TimeFrame charts. The We-Point indicator help trader to understand what is the best momentum to enter on the direction and go to a gain.


On M5 charts above we can see Short Binary Signals on EURUSD and GBPUSD (Red points and price on a bear trend to break the Median Bollinger Bands) and Long Binary Signals on USDJPY (green point and price above median bollinger bands).

This strategy can help the trader to create a trading plan and add position in the main direction. 

Aftern 5-10 minutes the chart are completed the movement and the trader can Gain with only 10-20 minutes of daily work.


This Binary Option trading strategy can help you to trade every day without stress, reading charts for 10-20 minutes and waiting for results. 

You can do better if you study also the higher timeframes as M15 or M30 and you can add also RSI and Support / Resistence studies on H1 charts to be sure to work on the main momentum.


How to get the complete Trading Strategy?

This strategy with bollinger and We-Point indicator is only for our readers that have decided to open a real account with one broker partners. If you are interested to start trading on binary options please send us an email to info@guidetrading.net

How to verify this Trading Strategy?

If you want we can do a Skype Call and I will show you my monitor and a free trading session in real time on markets using the We-Point indicator and Bollinger Setups…

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