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+2.56% in 1 week spread trading dax index and forex

This week has been low in the forex trading signals is that CFD DAX and CAC with the indicators for the spread trading but made us equally satisfied with a performance of 2.56%.

Two excellent signs of spread trading were performed:

  • GBPUSD GBPJPY vs. a net profit of +42 pips
  • DAX vs CAC40 with a net profit of +20 points dax

There were two other good signs of spread trading but we could not follow.


SpreadTrend indicator between GBPUSD and GBPJPY with possible signal to follow for the next week

GBPUSD and GBPJPY have weakened the positive correlation equindi seem to be ready to resume to strengthen. We'll watch many trends on the spread of these pairs to achieve 1-2 trading signals in the coming week.


SpreadTrend indicator between DAX and CAC with possible signal to follow for the next week

The DAX and the CAC have moved strongly and currently show a possible bullish strength on the spread. We will carefully even this pair of indices.

The spread trading between indices proved to be very interesting also because of the positive correlations more stable over time. However are required margins higher than the correlations that allow forex instead of compensating the margins used.

But we can not help but look at the numbers, the positive performance, the system has produced in 2015 and then to be very satisfied.

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